HiWatt Crunch Amp 25W Combo with 1x8” Speaker & True-Spring Reverb

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Wattage: 25W
Channels: Clean Overdrive
Inputs: 1/4" Clean/Overdrive (Channel Selector)
3.5mm AUX Input
Output: 3.5mm Headphone Output
Speaker: 1 x 8" Hi-Performance
Controls: Overdrive Channel Gain
Overdrive Channel Contour
Overdrive Channel Volume
Clean/Overdrive Channel Selector
Clean Channel Volume
3-Band EQ shared by both channels — Treble, Middle, Bass
Reverb Level
Mains — On/Off
Built-in True-Spring Reverb Compatible with the FS201 Footswitch for hands-free channel switching and toggling real True-Spring Reverb.
Power Supply: 15V DC 1.6A
Height: 340mm (14")
Width: 380mm (15")
Depth: 225mm (9")
Weight: 8.15 kg (18 lbs)

Perfect for practice, benchmarking, and playing anywhere, anytime. With clean and overdrive channels, the Crunch 25 covers broad sonic territory in a small, portable, and fun package. Built-in True-Spring Reverb. Headphone output for silent practice and AUX input for playing along to any song or backing track. External Speaker Output for optionally pairing with any 4Ω-8Ω speaker cabinet, for more volume when you need it! This little Hiwatt can do it all!

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