Ibanez Ibanez Bass Amp Promethean

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Output: 300W @4Ω
Speaker: 10" Coaxial Speaker (with tweeter)
Control: Gain, High, Middle, Low, Phat, Master, Limiter on/off switch, Tweeter on/off switch
I/Os: Input, AUX input, Headphones Out, Line out, External speaker out(min 4Ω)
Cabinet: Closed-back
Size(mm): 320mm(W) x 303mm(D) x 350mm(H)
Weight: 10.8kg

Designed to achieve a full-spectrum bass tone in a compact portable package, the Promethean P3110 is capable of producing up to 300w of power. It is also equipped with an array of useful, on-board features making this far more than just a simple practice amp. The 3-band EQ, 10" woofer with a dome tweeter, and balance XLR afford this amp everything needed to be an agile and effective gigging solution.

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