HiWatt Bass Amp Bulldog 15W Combo with 1x8” Speaker

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Inputs: High (Impedance)- Use this input to connect a normal passive bass guitar to the amplifier. A passive bass guitar has no preamp, so no battery fitted to it.
Inputs: Low (Impedance)- Use this input to connect an active bass guitar to the amplifier. An active bass guitar has a preamp with a battery on board.
Limiter (Green Light): Lights up to indicate that the sound has been ‘limited’ to prevent distortion and overload.
Contour/Pull Flat Boost: When turned up, this will ‘scoop’ out the middle tones. Pulling the control into a raised position produces a flat equalization
Compressor ON/OFF: Use to activate the compressor. Red LED will indicate the compressor is active.
Ratio: Turn counter-clockwise and the volume of each string will sound exactly as played. Turn clockwise to make a more even string sound. Useful for ‘slap’ playing styles.
Graphic EQ IN/OUT: Switches on the graphic EQ module.
Graphic EQ: The seven sliders add or take away certain tonal frequencies from the sound. The first is the lower (sub-bass) frequency and they progress to the seventh, which is the highest (treble) frequency. When all the sliders are at ‘0’ position, the tone of the instrument is natural (flat).

This Combo packs 15 watts of power that drives an 8” performance speaker. The amp has 1 high and 1 low input, 3 bands EQ, and presence controls. Master volume, a headphone jack (for silent practice), and a limiter round out the controls.

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